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You are not alone.

Trauma has changed your life. You feel anxious and scared. You can't trust people. You don't trust yourself.

You struggle with managing day to day responsibilities, "I can't adult today" is a way of life, not an occasional break.


Sometimes you are overemotional and othertimes numb, with no real rhyme or reason. You lose time and check out when you feel overwhelmed, even in happy times.


When you can pinpoint the trauma, well-meaning people might say "just get over it, it happened so long ago."

If you can't identify the trauma, or maybe it feels so unimportant or insignificant, maybe you tell yourself that you "should just get over it." 

Trauma doesn't work that way. Trauma, whether it's big or small, puts our fear response into overdrive; we sense threats everywhere and never feel completely safe and your life decisions reflect that.

Trauma happens in different ways. Some of it easily identifiable, like sexual assault, experiencing or witnessing physical violence, sudden separation from a loved one, or childhood neglect.


Less obvious trauma might be growing up in poverty, experiencing homelessness, or living with family members who have a mental health disorder or use/abuse substances.


Hidden trauma might also include bullying or not fitting in due to sexual/gender identification, body size, race, or any difference that makes it easy to be left out.

Trauma does not get to be in charge. We can help you process your experiences and help you develop coping skills so you can go out in the world with a feeling of safety and well being so you can go get the life you want.

Yes! This sounds like me, I'm ready to pick a therapist.

The following therapists help clients who have experienced trauma.

Jennifer works with adolescents and adults.

Kate works with adults and offers EMDR treatment for trauma.

I want to learn more....

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