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Thriving in a heteronormative world

Chances are if you identify as LGBTQIA+ you have experienced some form of discrimination. Even if you haven't experienced obvious acts of discrimination, you contend with microaggressions that can create large amounts of pain.


Sometimes you don't feel like you don't belong with your family or with your peers. Or maybe you've had to hide who you are to make yourself "acceptable" to your social group in order to "fit in".


When we don't get to be ourselves fully, we shame our true selves. In doing so you might have to 

rely on coping strategies that help you get through the short term, but hurt you long term. 

You've had enough. You deserve better. "You're here, you're awesome, get used to it."


You might need a hand learning and communicating new boundaries and new expectations. We can help you improve your self-talk and move past hurt and pain.


Let us help you move forward with your amazing, authentic self

Yes! This sounds like me, I'm ready to pick a therapist.

All of the counselors at Annie's Counseling are LGBTQIA+ allies and will provide caring, competent, affirming care.

If your primary reason for seeking treatment is related to LGBTQIA+ issues then BrendaKate, or Jennifer are the right counselors for you.

I want to learn more....

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