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Intuitive Eating

Learning how take care of yourself once you stopped dieting

Intuitive Eating (IE) and Health at Every Size® (HAES) approach often accompany body liberation. You're ready to ditch diet culture, but what's the alternative? Feast culture? No, that doesn't sound right.

You might have a real fear that once you aren't following a specific diet plan that you'll overeat the wrong foods at every turn. 

HAES and IE provide the opportunity to learn how to feed yourself in a nurturing way that honors your whole self. A way that creates and enhances joyful, loving thoughts about your body. 

We are not registered dieticians. We are not going to instruct you on what to eat. HAES and IE are not diet plans. They offer alternatives to dieting, helping you learn to trust your body to know what it needs to eat. 


Your therapist offers much-needed support while you figure out how to understand your hunger signals and learn to trust your body. We will support you while you step out into the diet culture world with a non-diet mentality. We will also provide a space to discuss your fears about intuitive eating and HAES as you find the right way to take care of your body and mind.

Yes! This sounds like me, I'm ready to pick a therapist.

All of Annie's Counseling therapists embrace and promote HAES and intuitive eating. If you are seeking counseling with the primary focus of Intuitive Eating/HAES then Kate is the therapist for you.

I want to learn more....

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