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Fiber Therapy

Weave the life you want.

You feel less anxious when you have something in your hands, even more so when your hands and mind are busy making something. Maybe you've tried therapy before but never felt really comfortable enough to open up. Fiber therapy might be for you.


You find that you self soothe using with adult coloring books or coloring phone games. You like the repetitiveness of the action and feel calmed by seeing something you create progress toward completion. That applies to fiber arts as well! You can enter a relaxed state, like that found in yoga or meditation through needlepoint, weaving, knitting, or crochet, which makes it easier to open up in therapy.

Bringing crafting into therapy lets you practice important skills, like problem solving, improving your self-talk, and improving your mindfulness. It also teaches or reinforces a skill that you can take with you anywhere. 

Although the end result is not the important part of this type of therapy, you'll still get the pleasure of completing projects. You will have a tangible momento that can remind you of the coping skills you learned, which can be used long after you left therapy.

Please contact Kate if you have any questions about fiber therapy.

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If you are interested in fiber therapy Kate is the therapist for you.

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