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Body Acceptance/Liberation

No more body hate

Your past is littered with failed diets. With each failure, you hate yourself a little bit more.


Then you read about a new diet and hope is reborn! This time it'll work, you know it will. You just have to be perfect. You eat from a strict diet plan, you exercise when you don't want to, and you think about food ALL THE TIME. You weigh yourself several times a day, hoping that all your sacrifice and misery will pay off. I think you know how this ends. 

Not again. Never again.

You are ready to escape diet culture and learn to love your body just as it is. It's so scary to think about giving up the fantasy of living in a smaller body, but you know that dream is draining your energy and stealing your life. 

Body acceptance is an important step on the road to body liberation. Body acceptance implies a tolerance for your body, body liberation is true love and appreciation of your body JUST AS IT IS

You can experience the freedom of self love, you deserve that freedom. We can help you learn to love yourself fully and completely.


You've worked hard trying to meet beauty standards. You can stop now. You can love yourself now. You deserve nothing less.

Yes! This sounds like me, I'm ready to pick a therapist.

All of Annie's Counseling therapists embrace and promote body liberation. If you are seeking counseling with the primary goal of achieving body liberation Kate is the therapist for you.

I want to learn more....

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