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Anxiety and Stress

Worry and anxiety has taken over your life. 

Stress and anxiety aren’t necessarily a bad thing. You might even feel like you are at your best under pressure and stress.


Ideally, our stressful thoughts and worries are real. They concern the people, pets, causes, and things we care about. Healthy stress can push us to find and implement solutions. It can remind us to connect with what we love. Feelings of stress can even remind us to take care of ourselves.

But that's not you, or you wouldn't be here. Anxiety may be the driving force in your life. You can't stop the racing thoughts in your head. Your heart feels like it's going to beat out of your chest, and, oh boy, the tummy troubles. On top of that, you can’t sleep! Relief feels so close, but completely out of reach. 

Your loved ones don't get it. They are tired of hearing about your same worries and blow off your concerns, which only increases your worrying and anxiety. 


You’re not taking care of yourself.


You're exhausted.


You feel like you'll never catch up with all you have to do.


And for the love of everything, if one more person tells you to relax or one more responsibility falls to you, you will lose it.

Does that sound like you? You might be ready to connect with a therapist and learn how to manage the stress and anxiety that are part of a fulfilling life.

Yes! This sounds like me, I'm ready to pick a therapist.

The following therapists help clients struggling with anxiety and stress:

Jennifer works with adolescents and adults.

Brenda and Kate work with adults.

I want to learn more....

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