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Olivia Hopkins, DM, LCSW

You have made it this far. You took the time to search up therapists and found yourself on this page. You have taken the time to notice that something feels off. Maybe you’re not enjoying life as much as you would like to. Intrusive thoughts of negativity. But you have listened to the signs that your body is giving you and you know it is time to take action.


You have come this far and that is great. Take that step and reach out. I am here to help you as you continue to take the steps you want to take to improve your mental health, strengthen your relationships, and find that inner peace you are looking for. While I don’t have a magic pill that can fix everything, or a wand to make all your troubles disappear. Together we can learn how to manage and process all the struggles and obstacles in your way. We will learn how to continue to preserve as new obstacles arrive. And we will work together to get you to the person that you want to be. 


Reach out, I am here for you.

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You're probably looking for support right now for a specific set of reasons and you want to make sure we can help. We invite you to browse our services to learn more about what we have to offer our clients.

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We know that starting therapy can be stressful. What is therapy going to look like? What should I expect from sessions? Can I afford therapy? Is my information private? 

Some of those questions will depend on your therapist, but many can be answered on our FAQ page.